thread you're very organised
I'm glad the future of the planet's energy is in your hands.

I'd have left it on the bus already.
permalink shit
I knew there was something else I was meant to be doing
permalink just going to fiddle with things a bit
site might go up and down
permalink What we need is an 'under maintentance' page
directing everyone to the emergency assembly point on reddit
and a tabbard and clipboard for tico and cowjam

for when its "being worked on"*

*fallen over

permalink yeah I'll set up custom 403/404 messages
generally though, this host (webfaction) should be a lot more reliable than dreamhost - they specialise in hosting the framework c4mbodia is written in
permalink it seems lovely.
Homely even.

*removes pants*
*sits on sofa*
permalink Leather Sofa
no pants

Stuck JoS