thread well bollocks to that!
2nd test, finally abandoned due to shitty drought-breaking rain

I mean, the garden is I am sure loving this, but couldn't it of waited until tomorrow, when the cricket was over?

Any recent weather defeated pleasure* for you lot?

*I realise that not all would agree that sitting watching test cricket would qualify as pleasure, but you would be wrong
permalink India are amazing at the moment
but the rain was not good for England, to be frank.

Watch the other tests.
permalink The guitar tab for the 'Iggle Piggle' song from 'The Night Garden': If you want it, like.
permalink I don't really understand guitar tabs
Is it the string going along and the number in the graph the strut?
permalink the what?
in the what what?
Erm as I recal the lowest line is the low e string (lowest in pitch) and the number is the fret. I find tab pretty universally useless. You end up looking at the music for the rhythm and the tab for the fret number.

Most music written for guitar has a start fret indicated by a number and the notes shown on the stave. I therefor find it easier reading music.

Also, if it tells you what string to play on, by the time you've worked it out you could have worked it out without the tab aid
permalink It's useful when they do
the sort of hybrid notation, so tab, but with "tails" on the numbers which decode to the length of note.
permalink That's the way I like it best
seems that most people just have the number and the stave above. I transcribe stuff in guitar pro 6 and plot the number I play on then place the rhythm on the stave. I wish it would do it like that though.

It does give me a good way of remembering what I played but I wouldn't be able to read it unless I'd written it in the first place.

I usually find it's easiest to find a video of someone playing and just copy them. I can see roughly where they are playing so I know where they voice a chord then I just work out the chord.

Either that or I just listen to the music and play it. I sometimes spend hours working out a single chord though.

I've started transcribing stuff that I play if anyone wants some of my jazz standard transcriptions. You would be playing it like a skeleton of what I play mind
permalink Do you have any
jazz sub-standard transcriptions?
permalink I like to know how they play it.
The music leaves me to make my own mind up, which is cool, but the point of a tab is to explain the methodology used.

Length of note is missing and annoying, but you know this fucking track.

Oh, and I cannot work things out quickly because I have a tonal deafness which means I cannot recognise whether one note is higher or lower than another.
permalink I think you mean technique rather than methodology
As you'll see more methodology in the music. I might have to try out that guitar game rock smith and learn how to actually read back the tab I write out.

That looked like a good way of learning tab reading
permalink I don't particularly like cricket
but I did enjoy watching a day of the ashes when I was in Australia.
permalink My cavies
Enjoy swimming.
permalink Some of mine do. My oldest loved
a bath, but he died recently which is very sad. He loved me to bits, whereas my rabbits hate me.
permalink My cavies squeak at me in particular,
Which was particularly touching after 6 weeks in the States, but I am under no illusion that it is anything but fear or hunger.
permalink I've not been out on my bike this weekend
as it's been blowing a gale and bucketing down.
permalink Pissistant weather, eh?
It has been glorious here.
permalink considering East Anglia is supposed to be the driest part of the UK
it's fucking damp.
permalink yus,
certainly prevented us going out much over the weekend, fri/sat nights in on the sofa. Yesterday much arfs were had in the pub with Chuck Cash and the Fenland Cowboys who had the balls to get on Britain's Got Talent and utterly irritate that smug cunt Cowell :)
permalink London had 1mm less than Norwich last year.
permalink don't ask me
that's what the weather boffins say, I guess it's the region as a whole. prevailing westerly wind off the atlantic and that.
permalink morning
Monday can fuck off. Got a(nother) pinch puncture from the shite road surface through Shelford this morning. Went to change the inner, found the front of the fork was coated in ice.
permalink they did a lot of resurfacing out this way in september last year
it was falling apart by christmas. I can't imagine the TdF will be coming out on that road.
permalink this is on
High Street/Church Street/Bridge Lane between Great and Little Shelford. Multiple pinch punctures in the last week. Multiple new potholes.
permalink I just 'drove' that road on google maps
that is a great road by Devon standards - what are you doing wrong?
permalink google is well out of date on that road
the whole thing is falling apart.
permalink 'bodia topping the F1 charts :)
permalink Raikkonnen is going to win the title
I should have bet on the championship rather than just the race! [£2.50 e/w at 8/1, a pleasant surprise this morning].
permalink He does seem to have a surprisingly complete package (phnar phnar).
The beeb showed Eric Bouliier watching one of their pit stops, and there was something about his body language and expression that led me to believe that he knows they've got a good car, a good bunch of blokes, and that Kimi is fired up.

No evidence for this whatsoever, just a vibe I got based on nothing whatsoever.
permalink they look like they know what they're doing
they finished last year well and are still going. I'd like him to win.
permalink I would too.
I like Kimi, he seems like a real sort of chap, rather than some sort of engineered creation like Vettel.

I would like to see Vettel win four in a row though, that would be quite an achievement, and not something we'll see twice in a hurry.

I'm also pleased to see Mercedes come out of the blocks at a decent trot, not for Hamilton, who I am completely ambivialent about, but more for Ross Brawn, who I like immensely.
permalink yeah i swapped him out last minute to upgrade my engine
after he did badly on the last run.. d'oh! costing me 20pts

i really hope kimi wins overall too.. prove it's possible to come back and do well (and that hamilton would shave off that stoopid beard thing)
permalink A poorly topped road will look nice when it's fresh
but frost action will cause significant damage very quickly
permalink I love your frost action,
Snow's just a distraction,
No talking, just looking,
watching your frost action.
permalink How bad does the surface need to be?
I mean, you get them on potholes which are bigger than, for example, 3" deep, but with 100lbs in a tyre you should not get them on a road.
permalink it's the little
sharp edged buggers that are the problem

I've checked over the wheel and tyre. They're both fine. I'm running the right pressure for 25mm tyres. It is insane.
permalink Even very rough roads should be okay on 25s
I run 23s and I ride this:

I have got some Maxxis Ardents and some swampthings lying around somewhere :)
permalink Maybe al's fatter than you.
permalink I weight 16.5 stone
so I doubt it.

More likely poor rims, too big tubes or cack tyres. I mean, possibly he is a heavy handed twat, but I am such a heavy handed twat that it seems unlikely he is worse than I am.
permalink You fat fuck !
I'm a stone lighter than you
permalink christ, I'm overweight and I'm only 14 stone!
permalink I'm saying nowt.
permalink And a foot shorter.
permalink Have you been eating ALL the pies ?
I still have a paunch at 15.5 stone
permalink I discovered recently that the heaviest
I could be and argue that I wasn't overweight is 14 stone, and I am fully a foot taller than you.
I was down to 15 stone 10 last week, but I went to a fantastic restaurant on Friday, and then ate a lot of pies over the weekend, so I'm back over 16 now. :-(
permalink I was only 6'2"
But I have a very long body and tiny little legs (29") which pushes my average up a bit.

If I was 14 stone I would look Ill.
permalink ITT: Fatties justifying their fatness.

permalink Just because you have the build of
a thin strip of paper...
permalink TBH Thin strips of paper
look at Cowjam and think he could do with fattening up
permalink and elephants think this lot
should be on an alcohol free diet
permalink I think I would to, at 6'4", although I've got long legs and a short body.
However, I am trying valiantly to get rid of the paunch and the tree trunk legs, with a fair amount of success, I was just shy of 17 stone at the beginning of February.
I'm going to see if I can get to 14, but I'm not at all sure I'll make it. Something close to 15 would be cracking though.
permalink I would like to lose my paunch
but not as much as I like pie.
permalink Likewise.
I'm doing the two day per week fast that's currently all the rage.
This allows me to eat pie on other days, although I am finding that it's (unsurprisingly) counter productive if you over eat the day before the fast to prevent hunger.
Also, nights out at Michellin 2-star restaurants do nothing for the diet, or the wallet.
permalink I am just too keen on eating.
It is ace.

Lack of exercise is my issue - I used to cycle 26.2 miles every day, now I work from my bed (I am here now).
permalink How are you taller than me
when you're the same height ?

You do have little legs though, I'm a 34" inside leg.
permalink I have met you.
I am only 6'1" now, because of my spinal injuries - are you really taller than me? You have a shorter aura.
permalink I have met you.
I am only 6'1" now, because of my spinal injuries - are you really taller than me? You have a shorter aura.
permalink I'm an inch taller
and several inches longer than you
permalink I'm 6ft3 and 12stone 7.
Perfectly in the middle of my BMI.
permalink Scrawny
permalink Bloody hell
when I was 12.5 stone I was like a stick :o/
permalink this is more like it.. i'm 6foot and 10 1/2 -11*
though it's not so much BMI but high waist-to-hip ratio that not only looks fucking revolting but is the 'bad' fat that will kill you

*though i use my mates scales about once every 6 months and she's probably fiddled them because she is weight obsessed
permalink Mine finally went at about 13st 6
Though the half stone I put on at Xmas soon bought it back
permalink I've just grown my first
after 6 months sitting on my arse

no idea what I weigh, guess it's time to find out
permalink My VW is going through MOT
Quoted £2k to pass.

permalink jesus, is it those gold brake disks again?
permalink New cylinders and shoes all round, new master cylinder, new pipes, new heat exchangers,
some welding, complete rebuild of the engine, new wipers, new wiring for the lights. new back lights, maybe new front lights, new fucking everything.
permalink fuck
Miss Led's MX5 got MOT ed yesterday and passed with no work and no advisories, not bad for a P reg.
permalink add more rim tape?
that often helps.
permalink Fnarrr.
Rim tape.

permalink Exactly what I thought.
Who do I email to whinge about the iPlayer? The sound on the PS3 version is shit, it's turned up too high so it often distorts despite my telly being on a volume level of 3 out of 50.
permalink i think they're having problems all over the shop
a few radio programs i've been listening to have just cut off before the end
permalink This is just on the PS3, works fine on the xbox
and it's been this way every time I've used the ps3 iplayer.
permalink works fine on my PS3
permalink Now I feel victimised :(
permalink you need one of those
ultra-high performance hdmi cables
permalink I'll have you know I spent good money
on an Asda Price one instead of one from the pound shop!

I might see if optical through the surround sound amp makes a difference, or maybe turn ClearVoice down a bit.
permalink you should have bought the gold plated ones
permalink I seem to remember that the PS3
has its own volume control, or something like that. I know we had problems with it but I never directly worked on the PS3 version. Have a look here, and make sure you've applied any system updates, etc: http://iplayerhelp.ext...
permalink Ok, thanks.
permalink Not with snakebites
in fact it might make them worse by raising the tube. Rim tape will only help with rim punctures.

The only solutions are more pressure (I'd run 25s at over 100psi - more like 110) and making sure he is seating the tyre properly (not catching the inner tube at all).

Weldtite used to make anti-puncture tape which was like rimtape, but went between the tube and tyre instead, but I do not think it will help with snakebites either (and it looks as though it has been discontinued anyway).

I am assuming he mounts his tyres correctly, so this is just egg sucking, but inflating them to about 20lbs or so, then spinning the wheel and feeling for irregularities is a must for high pressure tyres. I have had too many blowouts and pinches when inflating, due to idiotic Manley error, not to do that every time.
permalink I know nothing about road bikes,
but I've used special tape that goes between the tube and the tyre, that is made out of special goo, that reacts to any air being expelled from the tube, and cleverly seals the gap.
It's like those MTB inner tubes you get that have liquid gack in them that solidifies in the area of any puncture.
permalink Yeah, that is kind of what the Weldtite stuff was like.
It served dual functions - had less chance of a puncture (because there was a barrier) and attempted to close up punctures - fine at 30PSI with a Swampthing, probably fuck all use at 110PSI in Gatorskins.

If you are as fat as I am then 20mm tyres are not worth the effort, they end up being as wide, if not wider, by the time I compress them.
permalink "Any recent weather defeated pleasure"
Only everything for the past 2 years
permalink how was paddies day over there?
permalink Pretty much like any other day, except it's a bank holiday
all the fun was yesterday, I stayed indoors as I get tired of normally pleasant neighbours getting pissed up and calling me a "durty english proddy hoor"
permalink charming
who bailed them out again?
permalink Ermmm
Every poor fucker in this country, that little bung for Lizzies visit barely paid the governments bar bill
permalink wait till they try and get all
Cypriot on your asses...

although I suspect the real reason for the Cyprus savings thing, is to nick a load of laundered Ruskie money...probably less of that hanging about in Ireland
permalink I'm not sure if that sort of thing would have
quite as much impact out here with the whole credit union thing, certainly out in this neck of the woods.

PS It's been so sunny here today I've washed both cars :oP
permalink no car washing allowed round these parts
*looks at steady rain out the window*