thread The guitar tab for the 'Iggle Piggle' song from 'The Night Garden': If you want it, like.
permalink I don't really understand guitar tabs
Is it the string going along and the number in the graph the strut?
permalink the what?
in the what what?
Erm as I recal the lowest line is the low e string (lowest in pitch) and the number is the fret. I find tab pretty universally useless. You end up looking at the music for the rhythm and the tab for the fret number.

Most music written for guitar has a start fret indicated by a number and the notes shown on the stave. I therefor find it easier reading music.

Also, if it tells you what string to play on, by the time you've worked it out you could have worked it out without the tab aid
permalink It's useful when they do
the sort of hybrid notation, so tab, but with "tails" on the numbers which decode to the length of note.
permalink That's the way I like it best
seems that most people just have the number and the stave above. I transcribe stuff in guitar pro 6 and plot the number I play on then place the rhythm on the stave. I wish it would do it like that though.

It does give me a good way of remembering what I played but I wouldn't be able to read it unless I'd written it in the first place.

I usually find it's easiest to find a video of someone playing and just copy them. I can see roughly where they are playing so I know where they voice a chord then I just work out the chord.

Either that or I just listen to the music and play it. I sometimes spend hours working out a single chord though.

I've started transcribing stuff that I play if anyone wants some of my jazz standard transcriptions. You would be playing it like a skeleton of what I play mind
permalink Do you have any
jazz sub-standard transcriptions?
permalink I like to know how they play it.
The music leaves me to make my own mind up, which is cool, but the point of a tab is to explain the methodology used.

Length of note is missing and annoying, but you know this fucking track.

Oh, and I cannot work things out quickly because I have a tonal deafness which means I cannot recognise whether one note is higher or lower than another.
permalink I think you mean technique rather than methodology
As you'll see more methodology in the music. I might have to try out that guitar game rock smith and learn how to actually read back the tab I write out.

That looked like a good way of learning tab reading