thread Perhaps it was a courtesy present, as they realise it's your birthday.
To which end: Happy Birthday!

(keeping an eye on the prices for that Holiday Inn in Inverness, they seem to be fluctuating somewhat at the moment, many thanks!)
permalink Cheers.
I'd book pretty early as they will cut the discount to 15% if they get busy.
permalink It's never been as high as 30%,
the cheapest I've seen it is 15% off the standard rate, but you can have the rooms with a sofa for the same price as those without.

In addition to this, my colleagues don't seem to be filled with any sense of pressing urgency...
permalink yeah they are the same rooms
the sofa beds aren't brilliant but work for one adult.

I can't remember how sniffy they are about more than 2 adults in them
permalink i think 2 adults
is plenty for a sofa bed
permalink unless you're planning
an especially sexy-tiem trip to Inverness
permalink nothing sexy
ever happened in Inverness
permalink Very much this
permalink We've taken this information on board,
and have one night in Fort Augustus, and one night in a location to the north of Inverness, to be determined.

I was also considering the sofa to be more for sitting on than for sexy tiem. I hate drinking and watching TV in bed.
permalink what did I say
to deserve that? :(
permalink Isn't that where
the four & twenty virgins came down from?
permalink Your quite correct.
I therefore assume there are none left there.
permalink I am surprised
there were that many there in the first place
permalink I have serious issues with the song in question.
They've rhymed "Inverness" with "less", when it clearly should be "fewer"
permalink "Four and twenty virgins
came down from Stenhousemuir . . "
permalink *polite