thread My missus is on strike today
I told her to get up and go stand by a burning oil drum outside the Home Office, but she's still in bed. Lazy cow.

In other questions, so of you lot are home owners/DIYers. If I want to lay a row of bricks round the edge of the lawn to edge it, do I need to cement it down, or will a layer of sand do?

[edit] it is also my 11th b3ta birthday today. Fucking hell.
permalink Use drymix
/had a similar conversation with wife recently
permalink I see, I didn't know that was a thing
I am not very handy.
permalink mix sharp sand with dry cement, lay the bricks on that, level them up, then sprinkle with water
(or just let it rain) and the cement will eventually go off and hold the bricks in place. This is standard proceedure for laying brick paving.

To Alistair's point, he's right, but you're unlikely to load them up that heavily (unless you're edging a drive). You could dig a deeper and wider trench, and put some larger aggregate/hardcore in there to form a solid base.

I wouldn't mortar between the bricks myself, as any movement will be a greater problem. You seldom see bricks laid with mortar between them, even on a proper road surface, they just tend to put the drymix in between the bricks.
permalink ta, it's just to edge the lawn to make mowing easier
it's on the Easter DIY list
permalink In whihc case,
mortaring between them may be a good idea, to prevent the grass growing between them.
Again, you could do this with drymix, rather than worrying about proper mortar, but it depends whether you are going to dig them into the ground so they're flush, or whether they're going to stick up like a little wall. If the latter, it'd be worth mortaring, I expect.

I should point out that I'm useless at this sort of thing, I just draw it.
permalink no, flush, that's the ticket
I'm just going to buy some bricks and see what happens.
permalink I'd be tempted to mortar between the bricks as well
single layers of bricks are not very strong.
permalink He's edging a lawn with bricks,
I don't think structural integrity is high on the list.
permalink apologies
in strike news, do remeber that if a journalist makes any comment about there not being many on the picket line that they should be smacked with a baseball bat in the face, with the baseball bat carved with the laws governing the size of picket lines (six, maximum)
permalink no worries
is that right? otherwise it's an illegal rave I'd imagine.
permalink It's not actually a law, just a suggestion in the code of practice for picketing
There's a rule about "mass picketing" being able to be stopped by the police but no-one has defined what that is. Though the police do have the power to break up a picket of any size for any reason anyway.
permalink There was one bloke standing outside the National Gallery this morning
he looked exactly like a person on a picket line should. No burning oil drum though.
permalink donkey jacket?
permalink Yep and a flat cap
permalink fucking hipsters
permalink *waves*
I was wearing both of said items as I passed him...

(Technically, it's a country cap but most people can't tell the difference)
permalink you are Quin
from 'it's grim up north london' AICMFP.
permalink How very dare you?!
North London is so last century...
permalink *pukes a little*
permalink They were grouping
by Warren Street station this morning
permalink one out
all out
permalink *gets 'em out*
permalink My friend M. was probably one of them...
She usually pickets Euston Tower. I find it physically impossible to be awake early enough to show up on time. It's much earlier than my usual start time.
permalink I'm on strike too.
*waves from bed*
permalink I have to say
being on strike looks an awful lot like sitting on the sofa watching Buffy DVDs...
permalink lazy sod!
we shall fight them from underneath a heap of pillows is it now?