thread is it just me
or does she have very very thin arms?
permalink And a big ole boobymole
to boot
permalink perspective
is a cruel and unpredictable mistress
permalink She does
I don't think it is just perspective.
permalink she also reminds me of a doctor's assistant
from many years ago...possibly Davidson/Baker era
permalink Nicola Bryant?
permalink bollocks to middle-aged
leering, she's older than me! *rubs thighs*

Peri was always my favourite assistant, even if she WAS from that Canadia.
permalink nothing wrong with Canadian girls
I mean, look at Justin Bieber

permalink possibly, although I think there was another one
and crikey, Peri got her boobs* out more that I remember

*even her side-boobs
/Peter Griffin
permalink you'll be thinking of
Sophie Aldred (Ace)
permalink She used to like
flashing her gusset I seem to remember
permalink She was on Pointless celebrities the other day.
Most disappointing.
permalink yes
yes I was...