thread Total TJ but
The Boston marathon has gone a bit 'tits up'
permalink what's that about then
permalink I think it's a news presenter
desperately trying to think of things to say in the absence of information
permalink right so what do we reckon al qaeda or another terrorist organisation
or one madman
or the government
permalink Fatties
Seeing people run is omg-discrimination
permalink it went off hours after the fast runners had finished
this was AIMED at the fat and the slow

(or they fucked up their timings)
permalink Possibly lone madman
doesn't seem to have killed many (not making the death of two people insignificant but it is a low casualty count for Alan Gaeda and his chums)

only time will tell i guess

[edit]although 3 devices would suggest some collaboration/organisation
permalink I'm just catching
up on that after a couple of snifters in the hotel bar, christ :(
permalink quite
*shakes head sadly*
permalink tradgic 31 dead 200 injured
permalink well yes, of course
that is bad too...obviously
that normally say little or nothing about the tragically frequent explosions in those countries.
permalink it's basically shorthand for a sean bean style 'brace yourself'
people attacked in amerikkka media blanket coverage

personally i'm suprised it doesn't happen more often over there with the amount of nutters they have
permalink The average intelligence of US nutters is quite low though,
so while their well stocked for them, they all tend to be incapable of actually doing anything significant, or they blow themselves up at home.
permalink they've had a good wack at it though
oklahoma bombing / columbine / waco .. what is it with april over there?
permalink Columbine was a shooting, Waco was shooting/fire
any dumb fuck can get hold of an assault rifle and go mental.
permalink so they need cia help to get a bomb off?
permalink Yeah, I knew about a dozen people that were racing today.
One of my friends crossed the finish line about 30 seconds before the bombs went off. Strange day.
permalink I was impressed in the footage
to see the dedication of one runner who was on the edge of the explosion, swerved round the wreckage/bodies, and carried on over the finishing line
permalink If you'd just run 42 km
I can't imagine you'd stop at that point (or even be terribly aware)
permalink I've seen a tale on reddit from a volunteer
that was by the finish line- apparently quite a few runners paused, then continued across the line. It would be such a weird situation to be in- and there's no way you'd be thinking at all straight.
permalink What else are they supposed to do?
Even those who would normally be capable of helping are unlikely to have been much use given that they'd just run a marathon, and the majority would have been able to do nothing of use even if they hadn't just run a marathon. Of stop and stare, wail, get in the way or finish the marathon I'd have gone for finishing the marathon.
permalink aye
the best thing you can do, even if you're an emergency medicine doctor or an army field medic, in that situation is to get the fuck clear as your brain will not be working right.