thread I quite like it with all the commas
and in marvellous news, the NZ parliament has just passed the Marriage Equality Bill 77-44...amazing!

Gay marriage for all!!!*

*well, mostly for the gays!
permalink Well done

edit: did some more work on that track, I think it is pretty much done now . . the mix is a bit off though I think, the drums are coming on far too strong
permalink i keep waiting for robert smiths lyrics to kick in
circa Kiss me Kiss me Kiss me :)
permalink I could think
of worse :)
permalink nice one
(are sheep included?)

but with the other hand they taketh away
permalink hmm, I happen to actually agree with the marine protest one
as there has been some downright dangerously stupid stuff done by protestors...that and working in the industry, it's actually be good if they like shot some seismic and drilled some wells.

Also importantly yesterday, this:
which the bastard National Party utterly refused to help with. The cunts. No more stealing our bank holidays!