thread I paid for my first MOT tiday
only 4 days late, fortunately the place booked me in today after calling in the morning, took 45 minutes and only charged me £40.. most civilised I thought.... Now that i think about it though, are MOT certificates normally written on inside out chicken boxes?

in other car news, i seem to have got an insurance quite whcih is a black box type, i found it by actually reducing my voloutary excess. but it's £350 cheaper than the next best quote. They seem to say it's all about pricing the renewal quote, is there a chance they don't like the mileage i'm doing or the way i'm driving and withdraw cover half way through the year?
permalink Usually
The black boxes either give you some cash back after x months or may charge you extra after x months.

Prolly worth looking through the paperwork before getting the insurance.
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permalink There is a chance that will happen, yes.
Mr O'Speed had it happen in fact, although the circumstances were extreme, and it was entirely his fault.
I think they'd given him a warning about his driving, and when he went too fast a second time, they told him the policy was cancelled as of midnight that day.
The catch was, the infringement occurred at about quarter to twelve, so he had 15 minutes to get the car re-insured, or off the road.
He now has to say "yes" to the question "have you ever had a policy cancelled?" which hurts his premiums a lot.
permalink how fast was too fast?
permalink Not sure, but
over the tonne

He's a silly boy. Just look at his choice in men...
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My sort of company. That's two of my favourite things right there.