thread know what?
you don't. You see it's happening, and you learn to work out the light at the end of the tunnel. It's shit, but it's coping, it's grim. I almost collapsed in tears in the office today, who fucking knows.

Tell you what, come to Cambridge, let's get drunk, Al will tell you about bike lanes, Witchy might come out, you might hate us, we might hate you, but the Thai place near the Elm Tree is pretty good.
permalink Sounds like you
might need to go to the doctor too....
permalink I've been
They're very good, I'm generally ok and coming out of my funk.
permalink Well, if you ever need to vent
we are very used to it and really do not mind.
permalink Tbis
But not next weekend.

Also we can probably hook in a mushybees if she's available.
permalink That would be cool some time.
The difficulty is in getting time off - when I am not working I tend to be at home.
permalink Understandably
See if you can add a day to a London trip. We're close
permalink I am often in London, obviously - I seldom stay if I can help it, however.
I meet Mushybees in town occasionally.
permalink usually you give a 1hr warning/umbrella
sometimes i've thought "i'll meet the cunt and one look at me he'll realise his problems don't amount to shit"
then i look at the posting and you've probably already pissed off
permalink It is the nature of the beast.
If I knew I had 4 hours ahead of schedule then I'd go home instead.

I also know that I have it good - I have literally everything I ever wanted.

Can you imagine how hopeless life seems when you have everything you ever wanted and it is still this dark?
permalink If you give me warning for Cambridge
I might be able to train it over. Maybe even bring the broken one if its afternoon to evening.
permalink certainly make a change
Is bees a she? I missed this completely. I don't believe we're Facebook/Twitter chums
permalink Its a choice
she has made. Damn sight better at makeup than I am too.
permalink I had assumed that "they/them"
was the appropriate pronoun.
Am I incorrect?
permalink well yes
but if that is what that person has chosen. I go by that.
permalink or I followed Al's lead
permalink Bees told me that she wants she / her.
My eldest child uses 'they'.

I find 'they' really hard - I cannot hear it as a singular and I get things wrong (like refuse to collect because I had only one empty seat in the car, once). I am working on this.
permalink Here you go:

permalink Oh, cool
That's pretty explicit.

If there's ever any doubt which pronoun is appropriate I try to use they, but it's very hard indeed, I agree. Maybe society will change language in time so future humans don't find it sounds so odd.
So it's nice when people are clear.
I'd seen the t-shirt, but I'd not seen her wearing it filled in!
permalink Yeah, I find they a terrible choice, to be honest.
I try and do what people like, but they already had a meaning and I wish my child had chosen something entirely new.

We have a deal. I do not care how they identify, but in exchange they have to tolerate an old man getting the pronouns wrong sometimes.
permalink my neice had a bit of this for a while
seems to have settled down a bit now....

now the problem is she wants to leave school at 16.
permalink I knew about the frocks
I didn't realise there was more to it. Fair enough.
permalink But then she needs to be, my dear.
*flutters eyelashes*
permalink oh you cad
*lightly punches in arm*
getting so close to 40 I'm not so sure. Still I don't have to look at this fizzog. :) other people do
permalink she switched her facebook over
and facebook does have neutral options, so she it is.
permalink Indeed.
I am non binary on Facebook.