thread Very sunny, bee-yow-tee-full late summer/early autumn* day
Lots of work to do, but the really shitty bit of the week is over, where I needed to pull both a poster and a talk out of thin air. Which was achieved yesterday, when I was awake from 2:30am.

Today is a bit more chilled, was woken from a deep sleep at 6:45 by the alarm. Had a swim, have done some light work. Just been out for lunch. Mrs C returns from Auckland this evening too, which is nice.

*delete according to your preference
permalink Plus I am "working" whilst having the cricket on on my phone
off to the side. Of course, I'd much rather have taken the day off and gone and watched it in person, as it is being played just down the road, and sat in the sun drinking beer
permalink not looking forward to my next call with my mum
she's going to go on and on about that bloody dog shooting

it was obviously tripping on some spice/bath salts blahblah