thread busy morning
coffee machine broken but milk and very large double chocolate cookie consumed.

worried about getting up early* tomorrow for a run to park run, then park run (first ever) and run home.

*before 9 because its just WRONGE on a weekend.
permalink i dare you to wheelchair to the park
run the park
then wheelchair back home
permalink I don't at this
current time have access to a wheelchair. I do however have a bike and that sounds even better because I'm tired now after a run at lunch today.
permalink I did my first Parkrun in about 9 months just now
It was quite hard...and humid. And I got my traditional sandfly bites afterwards
permalink But definitely recommend
Parkrun is awesome. Total mix of abilities, very supportive
permalink was considering going tomorrow
but, as is the usual problem, that involves putting down this bottle of rum right now
permalink Ha!
As I was collecting Mrs C from the airport last night, followed by dinner, this limited my drinking enough to make it work. It's the 32k long training run tomorrow I ain't looking forwards to!
permalink PARKRUN!
permalink Yeah about that
Legs are really feeling it. I've done 500 over calorie goal every day since 23rd Feb and I'm trying to nail this month. It's killing me sporting or walking (far) to hit goals every day.