thread That would be cool some time.
The difficulty is in getting time off - when I am not working I tend to be at home.
permalink Understandably
See if you can add a day to a London trip. We're close
permalink I am often in London, obviously - I seldom stay if I can help it, however.
I meet Mushybees in town occasionally.
permalink usually you give a 1hr warning/umbrella
sometimes i've thought "i'll meet the cunt and one look at me he'll realise his problems don't amount to shit"
then i look at the posting and you've probably already pissed off
permalink It is the nature of the beast.
If I knew I had 4 hours ahead of schedule then I'd go home instead.

I also know that I have it good - I have literally everything I ever wanted.

Can you imagine how hopeless life seems when you have everything you ever wanted and it is still this dark?