thread Its a choice
she has made. Damn sight better at makeup than I am too.
permalink I had assumed that "they/them"
was the appropriate pronoun.
Am I incorrect?
permalink well yes
but if that is what that person has chosen. I go by that.
permalink or I followed Al's lead
permalink Bees told me that she wants she / her.
My eldest child uses 'they'.

I find 'they' really hard - I cannot hear it as a singular and I get things wrong (like refuse to collect because I had only one empty seat in the car, once). I am working on this.
permalink Here you go:

permalink Oh, cool
That's pretty explicit.

If there's ever any doubt which pronoun is appropriate I try to use they, but it's very hard indeed, I agree. Maybe society will change language in time so future humans don't find it sounds so odd.
So it's nice when people are clear.
I'd seen the t-shirt, but I'd not seen her wearing it filled in!
permalink Yeah, I find they a terrible choice, to be honest.
I try and do what people like, but they already had a meaning and I wish my child had chosen something entirely new.

We have a deal. I do not care how they identify, but in exchange they have to tolerate an old man getting the pronouns wrong sometimes.
permalink my neice had a bit of this for a while
seems to have settled down a bit now....

now the problem is she wants to leave school at 16.
permalink I knew about the frocks
I didn't realise there was more to it. Fair enough.
permalink But then she needs to be, my dear.
*flutters eyelashes*
permalink oh you cad
*lightly punches in arm*
getting so close to 40 I'm not so sure. Still I don't have to look at this fizzog. :) other people do