thread A week yesterday I put the cat out
and he didn't go round to come in via the catflap. That meant he couldn't make it over the small fence between the front door and the catflap.

The day after he lost mobility. He spent the weekend laid in front of the fire being fed icepops and being cleaned regularly.

We had him put down on Monday.

We got a sympathy card from our vets, which was lovely.
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poor kitty,... sounds like it was reasonably swift though, my mate just had a long drawn out trauma over months.

out little bugger is now 10, chris barker (who's board name i forget, he was in the catermoles) got an almost identical cat the same month, i must check he's still kicking around
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so sorry. poor kitty.

our vets do lovely things like that too. Plus a lovely box with the ashes in.