thread i apologise for being a bit of a low-budget jeremy clarkson
but i have another car question.

if i hire a car in italy, can i drive it into another EU coutnry like slovenia and coratia without needing to pay someone a ton of cash.... i've looked on a few hire sites and they are astonishingly vague about the whole thing. .... anyone got a clue?

now , who would like to cook me a steak?
permalink it's probably more the insurance policy
than the terms of the lease
permalink i was surprised to find that
my car insurance covered the minimum third party for eu states, i wonder if it's a law that they must.
permalink I dont know. But people do cross-border hires often enough. Can't be too crazy.
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permalink Jeremy Clarkson
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permalink Jeremy Clarkson
Is beyond help
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permalink It very much depends on the hire company.
Best bet is to call and ask. Most are very wary about their cars being driven into "the East" though.

For example, if I hire a car in Berlin to drive to Vienna, there's an extra charge if I want to drive via Prague rather than via Munich because it's going into "the East" - even though Vienna is further east than Prague.