thread Tabz, dude!
Not Chuck. He was only 90.
permalink "he was still alive?"
me, on hearing he'd died
permalink Most people, I think!
90's a good innings for anyone, especially a rock'n'roller...
permalink shows that being an abusive
paedophile doesn't do you any real damage
permalink I think we already knew this.
We live in such a utopian age.
permalink It tends to be the kid's orifices that get damaged.
And their minds.
permalink I've been thinking about this, mostly following 'bees' post about it on FB.
Berry hadn't recorded anything since the late 70s, and that was certainly not his finest stuff.
I've been wondering at what point the nature of the person begins to outweigh the body of their work.
I found the grief at Bowie's death odd, but understandable, as he'd just released a good album, and there would be nothing more to come, which is saddening.
However, with Berry, there was no more music to be had and that had been the case for nearly 40 years. So what does his death cost society, and why should we be sad?
We didn't know him, his death has exactly zero effect upon us. At the absolute most, let's play a couple of his tunes and celebrate his music. The person having died is largely irrelevant, right?
permalink I think Bowie, as a celebrity, had a big impact on a lot of people
back in the day, when he was breaking a lot of rules that hadn't been broken before and allowing other people to feel more comfortable about their own way of life.

I don't know if Berry had that impact when he was releasing music, it's possible.
permalink Really?
How could you not know he had not died? He was fucking Chuck fucking Berry.
permalink to be fair
I was the same. But I'd not given him much thought recently.
permalink I keep being surprised
by vera lynn still being alive
permalink Well, it was her hundredth birthday