thread Wasn't expecting
A minor existential meltdown at my desk this morning, but there we go. Think I've dealt with it constructively. But being asked "what are you long term career goals" is just unfair.

Currently listening to the Polyphonic Spree to cope.

Been listening a fucking lot to the new Alt-J song "3WW" in the last week. I've generally been a bit put off by their stuff before, it's always come across to me as if they think they're much more clever than they really are. With this though i think they may have managed to make something truly outstanding. I keep hearing new details each time. And they've gone for much simpler yet at the same time more intelligent lyrics. I have an obsession here
permalink Oh, yes, it's really exceedingly good isn't it?
I even listened back to the first two albums on Saturday and the progression of the skills and song-writing is incredible.
They may turn out to not be a short-lived gimmick band, and actually be really exciting indeed.
I'm eagerly awaiting the album.
permalink I've made a development action for this year essentially be
"work out what the fuck I'm doing with my life"

So that's progress.

Could be an issue if i fail
permalink I think the answer is
short-term career goal: make it to 5pm
medium-term career goal: make it to Friday 5pm
long-term career goal: make it to Easter holidays
permalink 5pm?
I knock off at 4:45
permalink You'll never achieve your goals
with an attitude like that... etc.