thread I write quite well.
I was thinking I might write novel to try and avoid travelling all the time.

The thing is, I have no idea what to write about. I am toying with biblical or classical stories, from the perspective of a minor (and invented) character, but I am unsure. I could write about existential dread, in the manner of Crime & Punishment or Knut Hamson's 'Hunger', or I could write from experience, if I had a focus.

I thought I would ask.
permalink I have a zombie horror type plot i mull over in my head occasionally
bu i hate scary films / books so i'd never do anything abou it..

I think books about people taking their clothes off (in the presence of vikings / romans / crusaders) seem to sell a little better than your existential dread ones nowadays... worth bearing in mind.. get dotty to illustrate it.

permalink I am best at prose - I need a vague plot and I can then develop dialogue and story well
I tend toward the wryly amusing, if I am honest.

I just need a plot.

Vikings are fun - I could do an historical novel I suppose - then the outline of the plot is already done.
permalink have you read Quarantine by Jim Crace?
a re-telling of The Temptation via a suite of minor invented characters, quite weird and interesting
permalink No.
If I am honest I do not know The Temptation either.
permalink Oh! THAT temptation
Yes, I know of that - not read the book though.

Biblical is fun, but would not sell well in the US once I had fucked it about.
permalink just write
the transatlantic publishing deal comes later
permalink I always preferred
the Four Tops myself
permalink Adlai's Son's Herds
A Book by Manley