thread Vague update
today has been dreadful - but then every day was dreadful before and I notice it more now.

I think I am getting better, but I need to find something to do. I genuinely believe I would be a great NED, but I do have to accept that I am not going to make it that far and I need to slow down, so . . .

What are the options for weird, artistic eccentric men? I think I could act a bit, and I can write, but I cannot ask for money well. Anyone need a professional show off? I am mostly good at being affable and believable, understanding problems quickly, making decisions and negotiating.

If only I could apply any of the above to my actual own life.
permalink Are you still employed?
Apologies if I've missed something.

Also: NED?
permalink I am still employed, but I recognise that it is not sustainable.
Non-Executive Director
permalink Ah, right
I thought you were planning a career as a Glaswegian chav
permalink Have you looked into
Motivational speaking / team building etc etc

Seems like the sort of toss. And ex military it exec has a ring to it.

Have you considered sitting around in your pants posting purile photoshops on the internet ?

permalink I used to enjoy doing that.
Sadly it pays poorly. I thought a novel might get me out of work.
permalink C_I has a friend who is a rather successful novelist IIRC
He may be able to advise you on the time it takes to get from having nothing written to having a viable and sustainable income from writing.

You may sense from my tone that I am immensely sceptical.
permalink I think that is a reasonable place to be, but I could write and work for a bit.
See how it goes.
permalink Amy's mate is a novelists
She's had her first book reviewed on Richard and Judy and has now written five or six... she is basically earning less than if she worked in a shop
permalink My friend Chris is 21 books in, 22nd publishing soon, 23rd just finished writing.
At one a year, he does very well.

Getting started took him a few years of writing hard whilst doing other jobs in journalism, and I think it was the third or even fourth novel he finished that actually got him a deal.

He stuck at it because it was what he always wanted to do, and to be fair, he has considerable talent for writing fiction. He only got going because he worked his fucking ass off for a few years without making a penny out of it.

Worth it for him, as he became a full-time novelist and has done very well, but it definitely wasn't an easy thing and required a lot of resilience. He is also much more successful than many novelists... A lot make hardly anything.
permalink does said friend, perchance,
boil frogs?
permalink He has done.
That is the very chap.
permalink Fwiw non fiction is in at the moment
Write a biography , a damatised one at least
permalink Chapter 11 - Weighing my Shit
Chapter 12 - I Have No Engine
permalink The little van that couldn't?