thread phone woes
phone seems to have decided that a microphone is a silly idea. Both the standard one and the speakerphone one (think these are separate on the Nexus 5?) tried a cheap bluetooth headset... nothing.
permalink Have you tried
Pressing mute?
permalink it is
across all apps.
permalink Yes, but have you tried it?
Otherwise it's a factory reset
permalink i've tried the mute button
in the phone app, yes. I can't find a universal mute? I've tried sound recording apps
permalink I believe an application
of limes may be in order.

permalink dang
related subject:
phones in the £200-£300 range, sim free, stock android or can be flashed to stock android: what's good?
permalink I'd be somewhat surprised if a factory reset doesn't fix it.
The Nexus 5 has two mircophones, so it doesn't sound like a hardware thing
permalink I'll
Give it a go tonight
permalink (I've checked my backup stuff but don't fancy
Doing it at work). As i say, not just the phone mics, a Bluetooth headset mic doesn't work either.
permalink on the old Nexus 5
the original one from years ago, you genuinely could mend some problems by tapping it on a table. Gently obviously.
permalink a fonzie tap
permalink yeah exactly
it basically had rampack wobble, so the battery would wiggle a bit and interfere with the microphone.
permalink Definitely lime time
Then chuck it in the sea.
permalink I'd cover it in jam
And cunt it in the Murray too, just to be sure
permalink Do phones have murrays?
permalink The Nexus 5
has two