thread *hugs*
We had a nice, if brief, time in Norfolk on Friday.
We spent all of 45 minutes at the model railway (really good, not worth £10 though), then had a sandwich at your recommended pub (thanks, good intel!), and then a short bimble before heading back.

Was a nice day, but lots of driving, albeit alleviated by a twenty minute break in a layby on the A17, where we misbehaved in the back seat of the car :)
permalink Filth!
I approve.
permalink Dogging!
permalink certainly easier preparing for another election
than actually preparing to exit europe.
permalink Brilliantly,
we can now do both!
permalink fucksake
that came up in the wrong place
permalink ha! when i read you had a RR on loan i thought
rather imagined an inaccessible lake or on top of a hill (a la clarkson)

i hope the nearby hotdog stand gave you a free sample for the show
permalink The layby was empty
and the RR has dark rear windows, so hopefully any "show" was severely restricted.

But it's true, I had hoped to do better...