thread and avoid a general election in 3 years time
once the shit is travelling fan-ward and everyone is sick to teh back teeth of the tories.

get one in now, gives you 4 years to lock it all down.

frankly whenever anyone gives the reason for an election as "secuity" i get the heebee jeeebies
permalink I think we have a rough ride ahead of us and whomever has the reins should hold them
until the strategy is complete.

It makes sense, but I do not want May. I wish Charles Walker was pro EU - I'd back that fucker.
permalink or in the obverse position
I think whoever has the reins should be doing so in the firm knowledge they're going to directly face the court of public opinion again one year after brexit.

calling this election means they don't want that to happen, which means they expect things to look pretty bad in 2020, which I think is not a reassuring thing at all.
permalink Whoever starts this thing is going to be massively unpopular
Because it is a shit idea.

We do not need change the years into a transition and Matt can negotiate much more effectively (and keep the more rabid right wing elements in check) with a greater mandate.

I do not like her at all, but I feel this is best for the nation.
permalink I hate the term, so what do you mean by mandate in this context?
just coming out of it with more whippable MPs? Because as far as brexit goes, that's not needed, because they have the Labour whip too.

or do you mean greater % of the public vote? Because as far as brexit goes, they already have a referendum result.

This snap election isn't anything to do with the national good, this is just about the party interest and supporting the oncoming governmental power grab that will come in 2019.
permalink Ack! My response got eaten.
It was more verbose than this, but in essence I said that I specifically mean that she will have won an election, something which only half of post war prime ministers have achieved, and doing so will allow her to further temper the extreme right.

I also mentioned that I agree about the party, but the side effect of stability is one I embrace.
permalink Did you see that Deutchebank are creating all bearish fx trading on Stirling?
Duck me, that could be good news.
permalink interestingly they suggest a longer 'transitional arrangement'

The three material changes cited by Deutsche Bank are as follows:

"The deadline to deliver a 'clean' Brexit without a lengthy transitional arrangement by 2019 far less pressing given that no general election will be due the year after."
Deutsche Bank argues that MPs pushing for a hard Brexit will have their influence diluted, thanks to a larger Conservative party majority.
Finally, Saravelos suggests that a fresh election strengthens "the PM's overall negotiating stance who in recent weeks has clearly fallen in line with the European negotiating approach."

permalink Well, that is pretty much my take on things.
I mean, angry Bongo may have better intelligence.
permalink I'm not angry
I just think you're a wrong headed prick
permalink I know you do.
It is a shame, I hate to see an active mind swamped by bigotry.
permalink Of course you do Manley
Because you're a wrong headed prick
permalink No, I am just a conservative liberal pragmatist.
If they binned off that prick Corbyn and stood on an anti Brexit card then I'd vote Labour. I am not partisan, I just want whatever is best for us all in the circumstances.
permalink Is a conservative liberal pragmatist like a contrary cunt?
permalink Contrary to your totalitarian left wing nonsense,