thread well yes, this will clearly add to Sturgeon's perceived mandate for Indyref2
NI continues to be a mess and this does not help clarify anything there
permalink in slightly connected news
just had a staff meeting where we were informed we've had a 60% year-on-year increase in student applications from rUK for September, not connected to any particular activity on our side
permalink rUK?
permalink Rest of the UK (i.e. England, Wales and NI)
traditionally English and Welsh students are a very small proportion of Scottish undergrads, something like 5-10% (excluding oddities like St Andrews), so clearly something has happened in the past year that is driving a huge number of 17-20 year olds to want to be north of the border....
permalink So, if it was 5% last year and you got a 60% increase
That would be a little over 10%, so in line with normal levels, no?