thread i still like corbyn when he's given the chance it's hard to argue against what he's saying
his big problem, as ever, is his dislike for soundbites and media HATE that
so no-one will get the chance to listen
permalink when he's sayign something he's alright
when he's doing anything it looks incompetent.

My leftie Meeja mates are pulling their hair out a bit, at this sot of stuff
(excuse miss-use of phrase 'meme')
permalink oh the board has started eating posts.. or maybe just anti-tory ones...*waves to echelon or whatever
i didn't realise they'd opted out of mainline media and that article points out their stoopid mistakes not only with tweets but traditional fliers
if they have opted out that wipes away a massive demographic that don't have time to mess with twitter (and i suggest they'd be the ones more likely to vote ukip)

they do kick themselves in the foot rather A LOT!
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so it's probably on the fritz
permalink that's a symptom of the wider problem
that he doesn't seem to understand that as leader of the OPPOSITION he doesn't get to set the political agenda of the day - he needs to respond to what's going on in government. Even today, an absolutely prime moment to attack Matalan Maggie, he just waffles on about generic fairness. It's not that he doesn't do soundbites, it's that he doesn't even acknowledge anything that's happening, and you can't print his response to an issue if he doesn't respond to the issue in the first place. On the radio today, when asked about the election opportunities he was talking about the 2008 financial crisis and Osborne's austerity package for fucksake.

I agree with nearly all of his politics, but the guy is an absolutely fucking awful politician. The small good that comes of this is that we get the election needed to shift him done sooner.
permalink "Matalan Maggie"
permalink Hear
permalink good point
ALSO i didn't realise they had to vote on the election and corbyn went for it
poor tactical politicking there i think