thread that's a symptom of the wider problem
that he doesn't seem to understand that as leader of the OPPOSITION he doesn't get to set the political agenda of the day - he needs to respond to what's going on in government. Even today, an absolutely prime moment to attack Matalan Maggie, he just waffles on about generic fairness. It's not that he doesn't do soundbites, it's that he doesn't even acknowledge anything that's happening, and you can't print his response to an issue if he doesn't respond to the issue in the first place. On the radio today, when asked about the election opportunities he was talking about the 2008 financial crisis and Osborne's austerity package for fucksake.

I agree with nearly all of his politics, but the guy is an absolutely fucking awful politician. The small good that comes of this is that we get the election needed to shift him done sooner.
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ALSO i didn't realise they had to vote on the election and corbyn went for it
poor tactical politicking there i think