thread just finished invigilating an exam
this year's stupid questions - from two different people:

how many days in a week?
how many weeks in a year?

5th year MEng students, by the way. About to go into the wider world and build your electricity system. Maybe not those two.
permalink ask them back
how many months have 28 days.
permalink Send them to B&Q
to ask for a long weight
permalink And they'll need a long stand for it too.
permalink and a bucket of
blue steam.
permalink Don't forget the tartan paint.
permalink We used the long weight
a lot.
permalink An AC battery
is a good one.
permalink Isn't that what Tesla sell now?
permalink What, a battery for one of these?
permalink As the quote says:
nothing would indeed have got you cooler.
permalink Why are they asking questions?
permalink I don't know
because the only response they're going to get is "I'm sorry I can't help you with that, it's an exam"

I had another asking me what a certain word meant, as they hadn't come across it before. The question was literally asking them to define it.

We also have sticky foldover strips on the answer sheets so that we can't see the names while we're marking. It's amazing watching a room of soon-to-be-engineers struggling with peeling off a bit of plastic and folding a flap.