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because the board might be borking.

yesterday was odd. So much work to do, and palliative care nurse apt. getting a occupational health assistant to come round and help us with Scotty's movement so I can learn how to help where possible if things get difficult.
But I got a pay rise and my weekend overtime was cancelled.
weekend plans?
permalink Hullo!
Well I'll be up early for Record Store Day, then various errands, gym, and then the rest of the weekend is devoted to decorating the spare room, which is a small task that has been underway for an unacceptably long period of time already.

Woot on the payrise!
permalink I'm going to do what I always do on Record Store Day
leave it until a week after when I might be able to get to a shop without crowds of old men, then look online for anything interesting left over.
permalink It's a pretty poor list this year tbh
I'm a bit tired of the RSD "exclusive" titles that get a full release in the summer.
permalink there's a The The single I'd buy
because I like The The, but that's pretty much all I think. The Ramones boxset will be a nice thing, but it'll be £50.
permalink £90 on the list from my shoppe
But it'll still sell out almost instantly, as will the The The single.
permalink yipe. I paid £45 for a Dinosaur Jr one a few years ago, that was far far too much.
I'll pop into town at lunch one day next week and have a look.
permalink I like this
permalink RST really grinds my gears
the first one was a bit of a laugh.. now it's just full of wankers (no offense)
permalink I like to support my local shop
as I'd be distraught if it ceased to exist.

There's nothing mega on the list, just a couple of things I'd quite like*, but I like to go along anyway. The more of a queue there is, the more press she gets, and the more trade she gets in the following weeks.

I'm not queuing early, just rolling up a bit before they open.

*there is a Jaco Pastorius box set I'm quite excited about, but I imagine this isn't the fastest selling title on the list
permalink is it just me or does it seem to happen about every 4 months?
... or is that me just getting old
permalink I've got no attachment to vinyl at all
I do wonder what % of vinyl sold gets played once or less. Biggest selling vinyl record this year so far is Ed Sheeran's album.

It seemed a nice idea though when it was all indie labels/small bands to go with it. But one of the headline special releases is from fucking U2.
permalink I see it as little different from collecting stamps or coins.
I play my records, but not that often, as it's not a convenient way to listen to music most of the time, and there are indeed several I haven't played at all (although I've listened to the music through other means).
I like having a physical copy of the music, I like supporting an artist by buying an album outright, I like the large format of the artwork, and I like the tactility and engagement involved in playing them. I don't see what's wrong with that, really, if it's not for you, that's fine.

If I liked Ed Sheeran, I'd buy his album on vinyl. If I liked U2, I'd buy their vinyl releases too. I don't see how your perception of the artist affects the validity of the medium, that's inverse hipsterism.
I don't think cycling is rubbish because loads of rich fat people buy expensive bikes they don't ride.
permalink And yes, Inverse Hipsterism
did a great Peel session, in fact I have a bootleg wax pressing of it in my collection.
permalink The great Brian Bilston...
permalink And
permalink we're dumping the child at her grandparents tomorrow evening and going for a ruby
not too much booze though, 3yo's party the day after. Might try and squeeze a bike ride in tomorrow morning, but if the weather's nice maybe a trip out somewhere first.

Keep at him, and them.
permalink Mates are away
and Al is going to Barcelona early on Sunday morning so.... watch a lot of tv I guess!
permalink oh that's great news on getting the help and assistance
i had wondered if macmillian were involved.. in as much as someone for you to talk to as well as scotty.. and obviously great news on the job front

looking at my flat i think a spring clean is in order before i pop to
amsterdam for a few days - any TIPS for there would be gratefully received from the board as i haven't been for about 10yrs now
it'll be my first 'kings day'

what are your plans?

permalink plan is to see my dad sunday
otherwise just make sure he doesn't fall over.
permalink i was there yesterday as it happens.
getting out of the very centre is the obvious tip..

I like it round this bar (great friendly local place)

and wandering around Jordaan is nice and not too touristy.

Eat lots of bitteballen (sp?)

where are you staying?
permalink cheers
we're renting a flat ( not airbnb )
permalink I am flying out on Monday evening.
How long are you around for? I could get an earlier flight.
permalink till friday
with my mum for the first time in a while
so unless you're around wednesday on wards it'd be a bit odd if i snuck off to meet someone
are you there for kings day 27th?
permalink Just got into my Edinburgh office.
Weekend with ickleuminator (I should upgrade her to miniluminator really... she's hardly ickle anymore)