thread oh that's great news on getting the help and assistance
i had wondered if macmillian were involved.. in as much as someone for you to talk to as well as scotty.. and obviously great news on the job front

looking at my flat i think a spring clean is in order before i pop to
amsterdam for a few days - any TIPS for there would be gratefully received from the board as i haven't been for about 10yrs now
it'll be my first 'kings day'

what are your plans?

permalink plan is to see my dad sunday
otherwise just make sure he doesn't fall over.
permalink i was there yesterday as it happens.
getting out of the very centre is the obvious tip..

I like it round this bar (great friendly local place)

and wandering around Jordaan is nice and not too touristy.

Eat lots of bitteballen (sp?)

where are you staying?
permalink cheers
we're renting a flat ( not airbnb )
permalink I am flying out on Monday evening.
How long are you around for? I could get an earlier flight.
permalink till friday
with my mum for the first time in a while
so unless you're around wednesday on wards it'd be a bit odd if i snuck off to meet someone
are you there for kings day 27th?