thread RST really grinds my gears
the first one was a bit of a laugh.. now it's just full of wankers (no offense)
permalink I like to support my local shop
as I'd be distraught if it ceased to exist.

There's nothing mega on the list, just a couple of things I'd quite like*, but I like to go along anyway. The more of a queue there is, the more press she gets, and the more trade she gets in the following weeks.

I'm not queuing early, just rolling up a bit before they open.

*there is a Jaco Pastorius box set I'm quite excited about, but I imagine this isn't the fastest selling title on the list
permalink is it just me or does it seem to happen about every 4 months?
... or is that me just getting old
permalink I've got no attachment to vinyl at all
I do wonder what % of vinyl sold gets played once or less. Biggest selling vinyl record this year so far is Ed Sheeran's album.

It seemed a nice idea though when it was all indie labels/small bands to go with it. But one of the headline special releases is from fucking U2.
permalink I see it as little different from collecting stamps or coins.
I play my records, but not that often, as it's not a convenient way to listen to music most of the time, and there are indeed several I haven't played at all (although I've listened to the music through other means).
I like having a physical copy of the music, I like supporting an artist by buying an album outright, I like the large format of the artwork, and I like the tactility and engagement involved in playing them. I don't see what's wrong with that, really, if it's not for you, that's fine.

If I liked Ed Sheeran, I'd buy his album on vinyl. If I liked U2, I'd buy their vinyl releases too. I don't see how your perception of the artist affects the validity of the medium, that's inverse hipsterism.
I don't think cycling is rubbish because loads of rich fat people buy expensive bikes they don't ride.
permalink And yes, Inverse Hipsterism
did a great Peel session, in fact I have a bootleg wax pressing of it in my collection.
permalink The great Brian Bilston...
permalink And