thread Fucking Monday Bastard.
Lovely weekend though. I made epic lamb neck ravioli and the Spaniard and I went for a long walk in the sun yesterday, culminating (obvs) in a couple of beers then the DLR home.

Nice weekends, people? Good weeks or bad weeks ahead?
permalink I'm back after a bit of a week.
Climbed some hills, damaged my leg, ate some truly extraordinary food. Then had a mad party in a lambing shed, and went to Fortnum's for tea.

Back at work today, week looks like it might be alright, with the exception of driving with a self-inflating calf muscle.
permalink You always injure yourself when you go up something!
permalink That's what she
permalink todays hospital appointment was cancelled due to the hack which is annoying
but not nearly as annoying as trying to soldier on with xp/vista.. fucking tories

wednesday was supposed to be doing outdoorsy stuff but it looks like it's going to be a mahoosive thunderstorm
but that's based on info from meteoblue and they're not the most accurate of sites
permalink All the weather sites
Seem to be agreeing that Wednesday will make today look like it is dry
permalink 'fucking tories'?
They stated that trusts needed to update and provided specific funding from outside the NHS budget, to pay for it.

Trusts ignored them and thought that, as doctors and nurses, they knew more about data security.

This is one instance where the Tories are totally the opposite of being to blame.
permalink Yeah, I mean who would ever think that the NHS budget should include such things
as core IT infrastructure for running the NHS. Crazy people, that's who
permalink They were on fucking XP.
They were told to get off it, they were given extra funding so that it would not cut into their NHS budget (which does include that, bit which was not being used for it) in an attempt to encourage them to change, and they still did not change.

How much more can the Tories have done than given specific and accurate advice about a risk and then provided evidenced funding to pay for the migration?

They just did not want to change.
permalink The
Monkey faced cunts.
permalink We had change managers in.
So I changed jobs.

Embracing the train of change, moving forward, exciting new challenges etc.
permalink did you get that info from a tory mp/publication?
i suspect any ring fencing of monies was bollocks and it was actually used for 'more important things'
permalink a few snifters in my
local yesterday while a mate's band played some shabby tunes, excellent laugh and rah for not drinking too much meaning I don't feel utterly shite today. Saw some mates I've not been out with for years which was nice.

Walked around 5 miles too, bonus.

Week looks pretty meh and I don't get to see Mrs W till this time next month :/
permalink I think we did about 7 miles in the end.
And similarly, didn't drink too much! Yay!

I can see the Spaniard from here.
permalink I decided to go riding
With the fast group. And now I hurt
permalink I've just seen that
I'm not surprised!
permalink Rode the last few k
Chatting g with another dropped rider. Comparison g to someone that wasn't, this reduced our average speed for the ride by over 1km/h.
permalink I am at Peppa Pig world again
it's raining today, so there are a lot more fractious toddlers and parents this time. Still better than being at work.
permalink Which are more fractious
The parents or the toddlers?
permalink I'm fucking livid
permalink I'm in trafford, sleeping in stockport then going to wigan, crewe
and later in the week ebbsfleet.

take a guess
permalink Isn't 'chops
in Stockport?
permalink i was not aware of that
i've just checked into my hotel and i doubt i'll be moving from this spot.
permalink wozzat?
permalink I'm in Millbank
The excitement of gaining entry to the inner workings of gubmint wore off in about 5 minutes.
permalink I'm surprised it
took that long.
permalink the coffee was quite good
obviously I drank 7 cups as an effective tax rebate
permalink The damage you're about to do to the toilets
should cover the rest
permalink the view from the bar in the roof is pretty good
permalink It was fucking Monday Bastard Yesterday
but otherwise, yes...and it was a bastard

Weekend was pretty nice. Friday was my b'day, and had chilled evening out with Mrs C. Saturday had an almost pleasant sports massage, caught up with a friend and pottered at home doing chores and watching AFL. Sunday was nice, so a metric shit ton of tidying the garden up and a scrummy pork roast. All seems a long time ago...