thread Yeah, I mean who would ever think that the NHS budget should include such things
as core IT infrastructure for running the NHS. Crazy people, that's who
permalink They were on fucking XP.
They were told to get off it, they were given extra funding so that it would not cut into their NHS budget (which does include that, bit which was not being used for it) in an attempt to encourage them to change, and they still did not change.

How much more can the Tories have done than given specific and accurate advice about a risk and then provided evidenced funding to pay for the migration?

They just did not want to change.
permalink The
Monkey faced cunts.
permalink We had change managers in.
So I changed jobs.

Embracing the train of change, moving forward, exciting new challenges etc.
permalink did you get that info from a tory mp/publication?
i suspect any ring fencing of monies was bollocks and it was actually used for 'more important things'