thread It is not Monday any more.
It is also very slow here today.

I have 44 minutes until my next Lemsip and I have the fucking shakes - distract me.

permalink I think it's just you and me here
to be honest
permalink That is enough for me.
Tell me a fart joke.
permalink Trump
*polite applause*
permalink I'd be highly surprised
If there are a n human grandparents born "this millennium", to answer your Twitter query.

Parents, yes. Grandparents? Not so much
permalink Close though, I reckon.
Five years time there will be a few.
permalink There have been grandparents as young as 17 before
in 1993 that was. It is not impossible, but it is unlikely.
permalink This delightful story
has made me remember a particularly bleak first date i had in Rotherham:
permalink I lost my virginity properly
in the car park on the quay in Bideford.

Just about where the white Land Rover is parked.
permalink Where did you lose it
permalink the landrover used to be green
permalink Well, I had a go about a year before and again earlier that day
in this lay-by, but I was not entirely successful.
permalink I'm picturing a Casualty-style montage
With young manley fishing by handline over the harbour wall, unaware of the land rover towbar reversing towards him....
permalink Hah!
If I am honest, it was not much better than that.
permalink I was going to dig out
the squirrel pic that gave rise to the saying 'grape my squildo' but I didn't really want to search for that at work.
permalink Wow!
There's a Grape My Squildo origin story?
I had no idea...
permalink I want to know
permalink It was an anim of
a squirrel with a dildo. Someone who may have been Spacefish said 'it's a squildo!' and someone replied 'and it looks like it's about to be graped'


*edit* thanks to my VPN I had a quick look from home and nada. It'd be great to be able to search the whole b3ta database for things like this.
permalink I want to see this
permalink Squirrel With A Dildo?
Great Peel session &c
permalink The animation seems to have gone
permalink So many lost
Image hosts
permalink All those broken links
dey ar wiv da angles now! :-(
permalink I see I had a good strapline going that week...
permalink you star!
I Googled Furiously for that last night and computer said no.
permalink be a devil and neck all teh packets
and what is lemsip even good for.. take proper drugs and sort yourself out grandad
permalink Nothing says rebel like
acetaminophen toxicity.

permalink It's a daily limit. You can take all of it at once and it would do you no harm
but you'd not have any for later. Four hours is sensible.
permalink I do not think that a 24 pack in one go would do me any good at all.
Someone known to me died of a paracetamol overdose - never going that way.
permalink I have to say, as someone who works in the pharmaceutical industry
with quite a lot of experience in drug safety, this isn't very good advice...
permalink It's how all the cool kidz
like to take their highly overpriced paracetamol
permalink It is paracetamol and decongestant
And it is all I have been surviving on for the days now.
permalink Actually,
I also ate a yoghurt yesterday.
permalink what flavour?
permalink Mango
and passion fruit.
permalink posh
permalink Cheap.
in Sainsbury (apparently)
permalink It is Wednesday
And I am not, fortunately, in Dubai.

At lunchtime on Monday, it looked as though I might have had to fly out overnight to be there for 24 hours.
permalink I am also not in Dubai
That said, Dubai would probably contain 100% less minging torrential rain
permalink it's been pishing it down
in Cambridge pretty much all day
permalink It's well hot now, and the humidity will be rising horribly...
In readiness for the full grimness of June-August.