thread Wow!
There's a Grape My Squildo origin story?
I had no idea...
permalink I want to know
permalink It was an anim of
a squirrel with a dildo. Someone who may have been Spacefish said 'it's a squildo!' and someone replied 'and it looks like it's about to be graped'


*edit* thanks to my VPN I had a quick look from home and nada. It'd be great to be able to search the whole b3ta database for things like this.
permalink I want to see this
permalink Squirrel With A Dildo?
Great Peel session &c
permalink The animation seems to have gone
permalink So many lost
Image hosts
permalink All those broken links
dey ar wiv da angles now! :-(
permalink I see I had a good strapline going that week...
permalink you star!
I Googled Furiously for that last night and computer said no.