thread Chris Cornell.
permalink He lasted well
for such a massive addict.
permalink Oh Bugger
Looks like he slotted himself.
permalink whatever happened to Clammy?
permalink That seems harsh.
I am all for locking up people who interfere with others, but quietly going about your own business, whilst i would not do it, feels sort of harmless really.
permalink Touching yourself in public is not harmless.
Touching yourself in public whilst leering at people is also not harmless.
permalink You see, it kind of is.
Dressing as a woman is harmless.
permalink eh?
are you saying that standing in the street, wanking in view of people is harmless?

that might make quite a lot of people rather worried about leaving the house if they were being followed by the phantom wanker.

i mean you could say it's harmless to do it staring into a school playground.. but i'm not sure that's really true

permalink Don't argue!
It's a trap!!!
permalink You know I do not do this to troll you,
I know you don't, because you tell me so, but I genuinely do not understand why everyone does not question things like I do.
permalink Mostly because they're not wrong in the head
permalink Basically yes.
I mean I know we think it is wrong, but when I really think about it, if all they are doing is wanking then why is it actually a problem and, if people worrying about what they might do next is a realistic thing to use as an excuse for banning stuff, we would ban pretty much everything.

It is the same argument we used against gaymen and transtypes - I am wondering if someone wanting a wank shouldn't be allowed to just have a wank.

I mean I do not want to, because I am ashamed of my manhood, but I cannot actually think of any harm in it, so long as they do not leave a mess.
permalink Like this?
permalink Ok, but this isn't a theoretical argument, its real life
And a massive percentage of the world think today wanking in public is not on. Imagine he was sitting next to your daughter.
permalink A massive percentage of the world ten years ago
Thought it was awful for a gay to sit next to their daughter.
permalink It's not about sexuality, it's about partaking in a sexual act in public
and do stop being a dick-end.

permalink It is not about sexuality, no.
but it is something which is personal which people view as affecting them.

It is a theoretical argument, but what is really wrong with having a wank?
permalink Nothing.
The problem lies in exposing yourself in a public place (and, while you're doing it, creeping everyone the fuck out).
permalink Which is why I am invoking the Trans argument
There is nothing wrong with dressing as the opposite sex, but it creeped everyone the fuck out, but the thing is that the onus is on them to stop getting creeped the fuck out.
permalink Bizarrely, I sort of agree with you.
I feel that society has a curiously low tolerance for nudity and public sexual behaviour.

However, the acceptability or otherwise of public masturbation must depend on context and consent - it's not cool for someone to be publicly objectifying anyone sexually in such a way (obviously masturbating in front of someone, clearly deriving pleasure from them without their consent).
However, it might be fine to discretely masturbate on one's own or with a friend in a public place without involving any non-consenting third parties.

The other aspect is politeness and manners - I can imagine that other bus passengers would not like to see me masturbate, so I consider it rude to do so. Same as nose picking, arse scratching, etc.
permalink That is pretty much how I see it.
If someone stood in front of me picking their nose at me, that would piss me off.

If I saw someone having a quiet wank in the corner of the park, I'd leave them alone.
permalink And vice versa.
But picking their nose AND masturbating?
That's over the line
permalink remember british society is world reknown
for it's backwardness when it comes to nudity sexuality and general intimacy
permalink Yep,
those frenchies are always spunking at bus stops.
permalink I feel like you already know
but to be clear, by 'creep the fuck out' I mean 'publicly objectifying anyone sexually' and 'clearly deriving pleasure from them without their consent'. I had a feel JoS would be along to say it better so I didn't bother to clarify.

I also notice in your response to him that you've completely skipped over his clear explanation of why it wasn't ok and why the guy ended up in court.
permalink He acknowledged I was right,
is how I read it.
permalink He did
whilst only actually acknowledging in words the bit that supported his earlier statements :)
permalink Well, I think that if a girl looks at my forearms and gets aroused, let her look.
If she wants to masturbate near me, that's fine too.

Mixing those - standing staring at my arms and masturbating - that's a no-no.

So I am obviously of the opinion this guy is a wrong 'un, but it seems an excessive penalty (to me).
permalink No one is going to wank at your arms, Manley.
No matter what you think they look like.
permalink You can't think of any harm in it?
so you'd be happy for your daughter to walk to school whith every man she saw on the street standing there wanking and staring at her.

as long as they disposed of the tissues in wast bins, you'd be fine with that?

Is it possible that the fact you spend so much effort to be deliberately obtuse is part of why you aren't very happy with yourself

permalink What if the man just had itchy balls
And wanted to avoid eye contact with women whilst scratching so looked down, coincidentally at their feet??
permalink If that was to me rather than Manley
then one would hope the whole going through court thing would have found that out,
permalink No, it was to Manley.
permalink yeah that's a bugger
permalink As I said to Bees ealier
This confused me, as I could have sworn he popped his clogs a couple of years ago. Turns out that was chief Stone Temple Pilot Scott Weiland.

Both bands I was aware of, knew a tune or two, but never really made a massive impact on my life
permalink I think I'm the same
and just as long as tabz keeps away from Frank Black and J Mascis we'll all get along fine.