thread This is still here
Which pleases me.

Anyway, what colour undies are you wearing?
permalink Wahey!

Um striped blue and grey...
permalink Nautical!
I like it!
permalink I feel you are somewhat compelled
to answer the question yourself too!
permalink It's been a long time since my C4mbodia heyday of being the youngest lass.
It's Tena pants all the way, now.
permalink Cor!
permalink Black
like my teeth.
permalink hello there, none yet
permalink right this second?
You really want to know?

There is no answer. As it were
permalink Well done by the way.
Anyone who can spend that long painting a minuture orc, simply has to be good in the sack.
permalink black Calvins
cos I is well posh innit.
permalink ooh
me too!
permalink Don't wear them