thread I am so sad
And it wasn't tabs that took him. I was there and held him tight.
permalink I don't have words
I don't think I ever will.
Lots of love from NZ.
permalink I'm so glad you were there squeezing him
and I'm so sorry that it happened at all.
permalink Oh Jiva
Sending you all the love ever.
permalink I'm glad you got some extra time together
We're not going anywhere if you need us.
permalink Sending you a
massive squish hunny, I'm pleased that you were there xx
permalink My deepest condolences
Really can't find the words
permalink fuck

permalink Jiva, I'm so sorry...
I'm so impressed with how you've both done this with such dignity, and I'm so pleased you were able to be there with him, but it's still immeasurably sad.
permalink I'm so sorry
this place, such as it is, is here for you
permalink oh crap

soo sorry jiva my thoughts are with you (and anything i can do obviously)
permalink You have all our thoughts and love.
The full force of the dysfunctional internet spacktards is at your disposal.

Anything any of us can do... just shout. Anything.
permalink Oh Jiva
what is there to say other than how sorry I am to hear that.
He couldn't have been loved more or better cared for. You are an astonishingly strong woman and I have nothing but admiration for how you and Scotty did everything you could to keep him with you. It's shit that he's gone and it's far too soon but hopefully you can take comfort from the knowledge that there was no better way for him to go than in the arms of someone who loved him like you did.
As everyone else has said, we are here for you as and when you need us. Sending lots of love. xxx
permalink Fuck, I'm so so sorry Jiva
much love from Mr Cat and me :(
permalink Um...
Sorry to only realise this was here and register today. I know. Whatever you need.
permalink my facebook is now flooded
with half mast spacehopper flags and orange commemorations. It's a lovely sight
permalink I've been looking at the old pics
and comments from people I haven't seen in years.

Might be a tad teary.
permalink One of the ones that never attended early b3ta bashes
but later drinks with the 'bodia. Sad that I never met Scott in the flesh, was always one of our funniest.
permalink Big bearhugs
The world is a poorer place without him xxx
permalink I am sorry
He was always far nicer to me than I felt I deserved
permalink Well done for being with him right to the end.
I can't imagine how difficult the last few years have been for you.

I hope your memories of him are all happy ones.
permalink This might sound weird
But I hope I'm as good as jiva when I grow up
permalink I couldn't cope with my dad being terminally ill,
I think I'd have fuck all chance if it were my wife.
permalink Jiva
I wish I could say something without sounding mawkish. If there is anything I can do for you.
permalink My thoughts are with you, and yours.
permalink Been a long time
but I'm here cos of Scott. So sad, top guy.
permalink I'm so sorry Jiva.
Our thoughts are with you.
permalink Oh fuckety fuckety fuck
I am so sorry. All the love from Wellington from both Lou and me :-(
permalink You have been there the whole way through.
And bloody amazing with it.
I'm so sorry for your loss.
permalink So sorry
. No words. Just love. Reading the board reminded me how much love there is in this community.
permalink We're great, we are. Fucked up but great.
Nice to see you all. Please visit more often!