thread Bizarrely, I sort of agree with you.
I feel that society has a curiously low tolerance for nudity and public sexual behaviour.

However, the acceptability or otherwise of public masturbation must depend on context and consent - it's not cool for someone to be publicly objectifying anyone sexually in such a way (obviously masturbating in front of someone, clearly deriving pleasure from them without their consent).
However, it might be fine to discretely masturbate on one's own or with a friend in a public place without involving any non-consenting third parties.

The other aspect is politeness and manners - I can imagine that other bus passengers would not like to see me masturbate, so I consider it rude to do so. Same as nose picking, arse scratching, etc.
permalink That is pretty much how I see it.
If someone stood in front of me picking their nose at me, that would piss me off.

If I saw someone having a quiet wank in the corner of the park, I'd leave them alone.
permalink And vice versa.
But picking their nose AND masturbating?
That's over the line
permalink remember british society is world reknown
for it's backwardness when it comes to nudity sexuality and general intimacy
permalink Yep,
those frenchies are always spunking at bus stops.