thread I feel like you already know
but to be clear, by 'creep the fuck out' I mean 'publicly objectifying anyone sexually' and 'clearly deriving pleasure from them without their consent'. I had a feel JoS would be along to say it better so I didn't bother to clarify.

I also notice in your response to him that you've completely skipped over his clear explanation of why it wasn't ok and why the guy ended up in court.
permalink He acknowledged I was right,
is how I read it.
permalink He did
whilst only actually acknowledging in words the bit that supported his earlier statements :)
permalink Well, I think that if a girl looks at my forearms and gets aroused, let her look.
If she wants to masturbate near me, that's fine too.

Mixing those - standing staring at my arms and masturbating - that's a no-no.

So I am obviously of the opinion this guy is a wrong 'un, but it seems an excessive penalty (to me).
permalink No one is going to wank at your arms, Manley.
No matter what you think they look like.