thread Fray Bentos Pies...
They are just for people with no teeth aren't they?

You can have a similar experience to a Fray Bentos by simply placing some pastry over a tin of cheap soup.
permalink I found out recently
that Fray Bentos is the name of a Uruguayan city famed for its meat processing facilities.
permalink Huh. TIL.
permalink years ago, when we went to Uruguay, I really wanted to go
but it turns out there's fuck all to see there. Much like the rest of Uruguay.
permalink I'm so disgustingly middle-class
that I knew about the Uruguayan city from GCSE Geography but only became aware of the pie when a student
permalink When I was squatting in the 80s,
one of the guys in the squat next door bought 21 Fray Bentos pies each week, and ate 3 each day. They smelled fucking rank.

I've never had one, and intend keeping it that way.

Edit: Calvins, okonomiyaki
permalink Okinomiyaki!!!!!!
Fucking love it.

Made a good one last weekend.
permalink Lovely stuff!
This is ours:-

Note best mayo in the world.
permalink I had always presumed
it was a translation of lips and arseholes.
permalink For 3 or 4 years
in the 70s we as a family too the same Fray Bentos pie to France on holiday. I don't think we ever did eat it, maybe just buried it in the corner of a field that shall be forever slightly meatier.
permalink like the same one for a whole decade?
or a new pie every year?

permalink Same one, those
pies don't have a shelf life, they have a half life.
permalink my pastry woe today is that percy ingle ran out of cornish* pasties
and i had to have a jamacan pasty instead, it was nice, but no comparison.

*not cornish obviously.

I highly recommend anyone with access to a percy ingle try one they are very good.
permalink In this house,
Friday is Fray-day.