thread Arse
I have to sit the CITB card test again... my card's run out.

Anyone with common sense could probably pass it, but sometimes you get hit with obscure fire extinguisher knowledge or something.

Ah well. Just a wasted afternoon in Southwark in a couple of weeks, I guess.
permalink Is that the same as the CSCS card I had
back in 2010 so I could put some Cat6 cables under the floor in our new Salford buildings? That was piss easy.

I've still got the card somewhere, although it expired a couple of years back.
permalink Probably.
It's the licence to be on a building site, basically.

Given that all the guys who work on building sites have passed it, it clearly isn't very hard.

Just a bureaucracy pain in the arse, really.

permalink White card here in Australia
and you don't even have to renew it.
All online, costs $50 and you just get the work experience kid to do it for you.
permalink odly i walked past that place in southwark on wednesday and
thought, about the last time i did my cscs thing.

permalink That's basically the nearest place to work...
And given that I go to A+M frequently, I can probably double up...