thread Just signed up to the 'new' Virgin East Coast website
and this checkbox was at the bottom of the form:

Running away from the franchise, boys?
permalink ha!
I haven't done that yet, as I hugely fucking resent having to stop and sign up to a "Beta"version of a site I'm already registered with, when I'm already halfway through trying to book some tickets.

What a shitty user experience that is. But then web imitates life, huh?
permalink makes me wonder
why it's a 'beta' site and how much longer they're going to be running things before they hand it back to the govt again.
permalink They've removed functionality with the beta site
A big one for me.being the ability to book a bike on at the same time
permalink so by 'slicker'
they mean 'we've removed a lot of useful shit so the people following us will look like cunts'
permalink The beta
is definitely more shit.
permalink I'm wondering if it's a new requirement
imposed top down and we'll find it happens if any other operator does a complete website overhaul
permalink RMT did send out a press release recently
claiming that the East Coast franchise was about to claim another private sector victim....
permalink Can i suggest that this video may improve your friday evening
permalink that's....
very odd.
permalink I was a little worried by it