thread Joining in the Flash Mob hate
they're almost always corporate enforced fun and can naff off.


an in depth article on the live tracking of every bike in this year's Tour de France
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and motivation had fled. So I'm reading Freeman wibblings like this.

Turns out this is a motherlode of their crazy
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of nonsense
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tinfoil beanies and green ink all round
permalink it's very special
a whole idea that law is wrong and that language works differently with a weird spiritual layer mixed through
permalink and that because of this
you don't have to pay tax, usually. Or pay speeding fines
permalink Thing is,
they're a laugh, and you do get to see some splendid singing/dancing/performing etc etc.

A mate of mine saw a Red Army Choir one in the Moscow Subway, and he said it was gorgeous, and not at all corporate.

In Other, way sexier News, we have now booked a hotel for the first 2 nights in Japan (Hakone), and an Airbnb for the next 5 nights (Kyoto). Huzzah!
permalink Good work
Hakone should be lovely... and Kyoto is great, obvs.
permalink The Airbnb is just around the corner
from one of my favourite restaurants *ever*