thread A cheeky little Sunday afternoon round of...
Guess The Airport!

Also, guess the next two airports...
permalink Gatwick, Frankfurt and Vladivostock
yay for local 4 day holiday weekends, Sunday afternoon wine and olives with the TdF and no Monday repercussions
permalink London City
Paris CDG
permalink Valencia-stansted with over an hour waiting on the tarmac
Oh no that was me.
permalink Edinburgh, Buenos Aires, Port Stanley
permalink It was Heathrow...
Guess where now?
permalink Madrid
and heading on towards Lima
permalink Beijing at present...
permalink Fairly muff
I am sure a nice relaxing trip to Beijing will sort that out!
permalink Beijing is only changing planes...
Looking forward to sleep tonight once I get the chance...
permalink Oh, ah yes, yer off to somewhere near the Norks
aren't you?

Not Harbin though, which is about all I know up there
permalink Shenyang
I'm fucking exhausted having taken off at 4.20pm Uk time and landed st 9.30am local.