thread ‪I used to have the Bonnie Tyler voiced satnav.
Kept telling me to turn around, and every now and then it fell apart. ‬
permalink I'm reading a book about anti-gravity.
I just can't put it down.
permalink I am just going to post that on twitter and pretend I wrote it.

Right fucking now.
permalink I am going to claim this response as my own too.
"Sure you'd only ever be making a right?"
permalink I'm planning a trip to Switzerland at the moment.
People ask me why i want to go and I tell them I don't know, but the flag's a big plus.
permalink *ahem*
permalink That was over a week ago!
But, yes, I knew I'd remembered it from somewhere, sorry.

I am going to Switzerland though, that bit's true.
permalink stealing that
permalink I was in the health food shop earlier
when a giant bottle of Omega 3 fell on me from the top shelf.
I was worried I'd broken something, but my injuries were only super fish oil.
permalink we were at a festival at the weekend
the highlight for me were "the Gents" who were a cockney knees up covers band, their rendition of that song (with kazoo solo) was memorable
permalink As far as I can tell
I am the only person ever to use the phrase 'Fucking arseboy' on the Interwebs.
permalink i find that difficult to beleive
but i'm not searching for it at work.
permalink I was quite shocked
permalink I've just quit reddit.
permalink Can I have your account
permalink Yeah, I'll give my Century Club, Eternity Club, double default mod account to you who does something
you never quite explain but is probably related to online advertising. I can't see anything wrong with that ;)

[I've already deleted it. I wish I'd have thought of selling it.]
permalink I am horrified.
I was intending to use it purely for personal malevolence.
permalink I' m sorry to hear that.
I guess the mod work is hell, huh?
permalink Quite the opposite.
It was getting in the way of real life far too much. The askreddit mods are a really nice bunch of people, the iama mods are great too but I never really got involved enough in that sub.

When I started using the app I actually visited subreddits I didn't mod, and that was far too much of an additional time sink.
permalink reallife, schmeallife
that's what I say*

*actually I don't really

permalink it's not patch on here
permalink Yep.
At least I've met a lot of you.
permalink I bought a fairground recently and discovered
I didn't like the waltzer. But still, swings and roundabouts.