thread I guess at least Glen Campbell
had already said goodbye. With this, which is utterly fucking devastating
permalink Oh
permalink Foolishly listened to it at work
I'm now hiding in the loo.
permalink Oh shit
I had heard about that song when the film was out, but hadn't actually heard it or seen the video before. Blimey.
permalink it's hard going
permalink Neuro-degenerative diseases
Are fucking horrible
permalink It feels like a real life version
of the opening sequence of UP!
permalink you're not wrong
the same love, affection and loss
permalink Although thinking about it
The other way round. The early part.of UP! is more told from his point of view watching her die.
permalink Love before it ends
the separation is reversed, but it is still ultimate separation.
permalink bloody hell
I came here to be cheered up, you fucking glum bastards.
permalink Still, could be worse
Could already be dead in a nuclear fire
permalink That made me cry
the first time I saw it. And the second. And the third. So I'm not going to play it again
permalink Unusually
He wrote it (his big hits were mainly Jimmy Webb). Which makes it even harder.
permalink Stop playing with it
now is not the time.
permalink Damn that
Is sad.

Can I interest anyone in better news? I've had a young gentleman ask if I could be his girlfriend today. I've said I would like that. We were on approximate date no.5 sorta lost track in the past 2 weeks.
permalink woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
permalink And we've mostly been well behaved
Acting all adult and trying to be romantic rather than rush in to things. :) it's all a bit exciting.
permalink Wahey!

Especially to the mostly bit
permalink ^
permalink I agree
with Manley
permalink for the nth time
this year so do I. This is becoming a habit*

(*insert nun/sewing machine joke here)
permalink That sewing machine joke is an absolute
permalink Had me in stitches!
permalink ...and its popularity is
still hanging on by a thread.
permalink Jolly nice!
permalink Yay!
I hope that means you've been getting a well-deserved seeing-to, of a suitably skilful nature.
permalink Not as yet
At my own request. Waiting till after I've scattered the husbands ashes out of some respect and closure. But SOON.
permalink nice one
just be careful X
permalink it's beautiful