thread Right, enough of being sad at former C&W stars
Although a further "wahey" to Jiva!

You lot are a well travelled, cosmopolitan lot, innit. Say we were looking for a nice hotel for a stopover in Hong Kong in October, anyone have any good recommendations from the mind of hive?

Of course, this does mean that prior to HK, we will in fact be in Blighty for a few weeks. Definite likelihood of at least a London, Cambridge and maybe Naarch bash or bashes, more to follow once we've got our heads around when/where we will be. But you may be (un?)lucky enough to be having an actual beer(s) with us afore too long.

AQ: Is it as wet over there as here, cos it's well wet here at the mo.
permalink I had breakfast in the Conrad and it were gert lush
couldn't afford to stay there, mind

currently planning a city break in Lisbon for later this year...any suggestions for nice places also welcome, only a short stay so can splurge a bit
permalink You don't really even need to splurge in Lisbon
Is so nice and breakfast for a euro
permalink It's like being in Tin Tin
These guys are great: http://www.wehatetouri...

The famous custard tarts at the monastery in Belen aren't the best because they're too eggy

Food here is excellent: http://cantinhodoavill...

But so is peri peri chicken near the beach at Caiscais

Don't stay in Barrio Alto if you like to sleep. And do get to the National Tile Museum because it's brilliant
permalink ta
thinking of staying in Bellend, certainly planning on eating my weight in egg tarts
permalink you can get pretty awesome egg tarts in
stockwell (london) on your way home
(maybe not next year)
permalink can get some here too
but they tend to be quite pricey, whereas I want to sit and eat a pile of them
permalink HK can be really good value, unless you time it with some conference on
then it's horrible.

my pick would be Hotel Indigo Hong Kong Island, cool cantilevering rooftop pool and cocktail bar, lovely rooms, minor vertigo.

On a budget, Holiday Inn express Soho is well placed and is actually very nice. (floors 20+ have significant vertigo) free breakfast in express

The Holiday Inn golden mile is a good location, but older property.

I'd avoid the Intercon, the conran will be really cool but expensive, I think there is a JW Marriott next to it that'll be slightly cheaper. The penisula is famous for it's starke designed bar, it'll be ££££ but cool.

never been but the HI express in Mongkok also seems reasonably well positioned (taxi and trains are super cheap)

I have a discount code, but it's not really worth it nowadays as we offer a very similar discount for rewards club members (join before you book) give me an email or somethng if you want it anyway
permalink Sweet. Thanks!
I shall look into them
permalink Indigo does look funky
So we've gone with that one!
permalink I'm looking forward to physical presence beerage,
although I might be doing a weekend California trip in October some time, so the sooner you can let us know the more like I am to successfully juggle some dates. Or prunes.

Was well wet yesterday morning, then gorgeously sunny and cloud free for outdoor Shakespeare at Chatsworth last night.
permalink Madly enough, we've been around the far north of Scotland for a few days and the weather has been...
... stunning.

Beautiful sun at Sandwood Bay... one of the best beaches in Britain and really remote. Drive to the back of beyond, then drive a bit further, then hike 5 miles. We wild-camped there and had the beach to ourselves for an incredible sunset.

permalink Och, that sounds ace!
I love the north coast.
Planning another stupid drive up round there for the end of September as we speak.
permalink We leave Londinium on Oct 19th, so it'll be before then
Conferencing 15-18th, so probably somewhere in there, likely towards the end.
permalink Sweet, as I'm heading stateside after that in
any event
permalink Bad day today
what am I going to do when I get fired?
permalink Buy an ice cream van
sell ice cream.
permalink Down my way
that is an invitation to have your house burned down and young kids attacked with baseball bats.
permalink but a petrol and weapons van
Sell petrol and weapons.

My mate in Norway had just set up a business doing motorbike tours around Bergen. Do that. But where you are, not Bergen, that'd be daft.
permalink Buy a XXXX van
sell XXXX

(complete for your own version of XXXX)
permalink Ewww,
permalink I would give a XXXX
for just about anything else...

Although I have now seen where their brewery is in Brissie
permalink to be fair it tastes astoundingly different (in a good way) at the brewey
or that pub by the river that gets wooden casks from there
permalink 6X?
permalink I have multiple spreadsheets.
In my spreadsheets I have multiple datetime columns (and other numeric and character columns).
In order to import them correctly I need to add an apostrophe in front of every dateTime value.
Is there a way I can do this which doesn't involve either a) copying and pasting out multiple columns in multiple spreadsheets, or b) creating a new column with a formula for multiple columns in multiple spreadsheets?
permalink Why do you need to have an apostrophe?
I can think of lots of ways of doing it with options A & B

Only other thing that occurs to me is to write a little VBA macro.
There's something you could adapt at th ebottom of the thread here:
permalink Because otherwise Foxpro fucks with the date upon import.
The macro in that thread seems massively complex.

Anyway for now (as I'm hoping not to use these spreadsheets) I've discovered that you can run the following in the Immediate window:

for each v in selection : v.value = "'" & v.value : next

which does the trick in a basic way.
permalink It did seem somewhat over long,
but maybe it was thorough and diligent or some shit.
permalink you're coming over here when
there ISN'T a Biscuit gig on? Hells!
permalink when in October?
I'm in high level discussions about attending football matches, but be good to do a Cambridge half if we're all about.
permalink Likely to be in Cambridge
around the week 9th-14th or so. But will confirm nearer.
permalink groovy
permalink Yay for a Scoffbash!
Let us know!

Last time I was in HK, I stayed at the Langham Kowloon. It was ok but probably not worth the moolah.

Staying in Kowloon is nice though. Get the Star Ferry over to Central.
permalink Yup, I must, if nothing else, collect a badge off of you!
But obviously, beerage good
permalink Excellent! Well with me and Jen up this way
We can have a bigger party. I have the last week of October as holiday planned.
But might want to have a dirty long weekend in London too. Also looking for a good deal on somewhere to stay. (Hopefully not alone)
permalink not cheap but the VIEWS and savings in travel might work out

nice (cheap.. bash friendly pub next door) oh and i'll happily carry your bags ;)
permalink That looks
Amazing but only available 3 days in March next year or from august next year :(