thread HK can be really good value, unless you time it with some conference on
then it's horrible.

my pick would be Hotel Indigo Hong Kong Island, cool cantilevering rooftop pool and cocktail bar, lovely rooms, minor vertigo.

On a budget, Holiday Inn express Soho is well placed and is actually very nice. (floors 20+ have significant vertigo) free breakfast in express

The Holiday Inn golden mile is a good location, but older property.

I'd avoid the Intercon, the conran will be really cool but expensive, I think there is a JW Marriott next to it that'll be slightly cheaper. The penisula is famous for it's starke designed bar, it'll be ££££ but cool.

never been but the HI express in Mongkok also seems reasonably well positioned (taxi and trains are super cheap)

I have a discount code, but it's not really worth it nowadays as we offer a very similar discount for rewards club members (join before you book) give me an email or somethng if you want it anyway
permalink Sweet. Thanks!
I shall look into them
permalink Indigo does look funky
So we've gone with that one!