thread I'm looking forward to physical presence beerage,
although I might be doing a weekend California trip in October some time, so the sooner you can let us know the more like I am to successfully juggle some dates. Or prunes.

Was well wet yesterday morning, then gorgeously sunny and cloud free for outdoor Shakespeare at Chatsworth last night.
permalink Madly enough, we've been around the far north of Scotland for a few days and the weather has been...
... stunning.

Beautiful sun at Sandwood Bay... one of the best beaches in Britain and really remote. Drive to the back of beyond, then drive a bit further, then hike 5 miles. We wild-camped there and had the beach to ourselves for an incredible sunset.

permalink Och, that sounds ace!
I love the north coast.
Planning another stupid drive up round there for the end of September as we speak.
permalink We leave Londinium on Oct 19th, so it'll be before then
Conferencing 15-18th, so probably somewhere in there, likely towards the end.
permalink Sweet, as I'm heading stateside after that in
any event