thread Bad day today
what am I going to do when I get fired?
permalink Buy an ice cream van
sell ice cream.
permalink Down my way
that is an invitation to have your house burned down and young kids attacked with baseball bats.
permalink but a petrol and weapons van
Sell petrol and weapons.

My mate in Norway had just set up a business doing motorbike tours around Bergen. Do that. But where you are, not Bergen, that'd be daft.
permalink Buy a XXXX van
sell XXXX

(complete for your own version of XXXX)
permalink Ewww,
permalink I would give a XXXX
for just about anything else...

Although I have now seen where their brewery is in Brissie
permalink to be fair it tastes astoundingly different (in a good way) at the brewey
or that pub by the river that gets wooden casks from there
permalink 6X?